Ability vs Ambition

Dealing with multitude of students and pushy parents through my 15+ years of experience as an educationist has made me realize that the steep gap that generally exists between "ability and ambition", often leads them towards doubting their self worth, anger and in worst case scenario ― depression.

Today, with too much focus on achieving academic brilliance coupled with the unregulated intrusion of everything digital or Virtual, the age old social bonds of emotional support are fast eroding thereby creating havoc with the mental health of students as well as their families.

Nurturing my family became my priority ever since I got married and had kids. With time the ever growing needs of the family led to my "Me Time" getting squeezed. Prioritizing the exacting daily chores of my family day in day and neglecting my own well being started having it's toll on my mental health. The pent up frustration, irritation, insecurities, anxiety and anger became so suffocating that gradually I became a victim of depression. Fortunately sanity prevailed and I realized the cause of my problem was lack of time for myself.

We humans are a combination of 3 basic elements that's

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Soul

When all these elements are in sync with each other we tend to be happy and in perfect sync with the environment around us.

When our mind is not at peace the other 2 elements also tend to get unaligned.

Mental health is ignored by most of us.
We need to make Mental Health our first priority and help ourselves by identifying and acknowledging that there's is an issue which we are facing at any point of time.

Try and identify the causes of disturbance whether they are external ( People or Circumstances) or internal (thoughts or emotions).Then once you figure out what's bothering you the next step is to see whether it's avoidable or unavoidable.

Hit the problem right in the head before it hits you. Empower yourself. Distract yourself, Re-adjust, re-start, re-focus, re-set but just don't quit... go for a walk, gym or listen to music, talk to someone or do something which keeps you going. Pamper yourself make yourself comfortable and if still nothing works SEEK HELP. There's no harm no shame in sharing what you going through because we all are emotional beings, sensitive and vulnerable. It's perfectly ok not to feel good at times but what's important is to come out of that phase as soon as possible and make yourself mentally and physically stronger than ever before. There's much more to life than just winning or losing. This is my story.

Prache Arshi
Prache Arshi, Lecturer/Homemaker
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