we exist to foster emotional resilience and wellbeing at scale - globally and to serve those who are impacted by emotional health issues
Our Journey
inspired by personal adversity, driven by purpose, fueled by passion
Founder Sachin Chaudhry with his younger brother
Salil Chaudhry - year 1982
Our founder’s brilliant brother - Salil Chaudhry, was bullied in school, had an emotional breakdown, and was further diagnosed with mental health issue. Family, Teachers, and Friends missed early signs of risks and hence missed early interventions. What happened with the founder's brother should never happen with anyone else, is the heart of BringChange Foundation's mission. The challenge is to identify these emotional risks proactively and that too at scale. To achieve this audacious mission BringChange Foundation in collaboration with TrustCircle is inspiring systemic change and fostering emotional resilience, prevention, and early Interventions at scale, globally.
We exists to serve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG #3 & #4) – to promote quality education, health, and well-being – at scale and together with public, private, and government partnerships we strive to go far in achieving our mission.
-Sachin Chaudhry
Founder, BringChange Foundation Inc.
A California registered not-for-profit company.
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