Be Strong

When we talk about strength it doesn’t only connote physical strength but also the mental and emotional aspects of it. Mental and emotional strength should be given equal and due importance in our day to day life as it not only gives the ability to sail smooth through the challenges of everyday life but also strengthens the physical health.

As physical fitness is necessary for a healthy lifestyle so is mental fitness necessary for leading a joyful life. Pamper yourself with the things, thoughts and actions that keep you in a happy mental space and discard the things that generally tend to disturb your peace.

Sometimes everything seems to be going off track and we feel the blues but in that moment just simply smile and say, “I will get through.” Being strong is often exercised as a forced choice when one is left with no options but to accept the reality. Whereas being strong should be applied as a lifestyle philosophy. It should be inculcated in all as a habit so that when adversity hits then it don’t really throw you off the track. Being emotionally balanced and mentally strong is often underestimated and overlooked but it’s high time that it should be given precedence not ignorance.

All of us without any exceptions go through ups and downs in life but how we behave in those times makes a lot of difference in the future. When we operate from a position of strength then we are not overwhelmed with every problem that arises on the journey rather we learn to deal with them in more mature and defined ways.

For a Happier and meaningful life we need to start focusing on the overall wellness. A healthy mind and body nourishes one’s being and helps to stay connected with the environment and in perfect tune with the rhythm of life.

We need to be in complete harmony with ourselves so that we can live wholeheartedly and enjoy the bliss in every moment of the beautiful life that we are bestowed with.

Prache Arshi
Prache Arshi, Lecturer/Homemaker
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