Self-pity is a very peculiar and undistinguished trait which most people showcase time and again. Perhaps the way we have been brought up or the way we have been using this as armour to rescue ourselves has kept it going for generations. Unknowingly self-pity is used as a defence mechanism by people at large.

The temperament of seeking sympathy is an easy exit from an argumentative or challenging situation. This formula might seem to work on superficial level but deep within over a period of time it gives birth to a low life state and low self-esteem which eventually leads to unhappy mental space.

Self-sabotaging is an escape mechanism used to postpone an underlying issue which needs to be addressed. If one musters the courage and deals with the problem head on by taking rational decisions one can avoid becoming victim of weak mental and emotional health.

Life is simple but by constantly over thinking we tend to make it complex and complicated. We need to analyse things rationally and stop wounding ourselves by our own arrows. The emotional dependencies and expectations from others shatter our personal growth as we are always on a look out to blame others for our unhappy state whereas one should take the onus and live happily by healing oneself from within.

So come out of the shadows of self-pity and have a self-talk to reach a peaceful state. Once you know the real issue you can deal with it with a stronger approach towards its resolution and also feel free to seek help wherever and whenever required.

Try to rise above the self-imposed barriers of insecurities, mental blocks, other’s expectations, misconceptions, superstitions and start practising Self-Love and acceptance to lead a meaningful life. Because you have only one LIFE!

Prache Arshi
Prache Arshi, Lecturer/Homemaker
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